Letters of Reference


Dear Blue Eagle Yoga,  I very much enjoy your classes and hope you will continue your evening classes. Although I had attended many different yoga classes over the years, I never felt like I was really practicing yoga until I attended your classes. I enjoy the focus on anatomy and physiology as well as the spiritual connection and I can feel the changes in my mind and body. Your classes have substance versus the fashion show/pose-off style of classes I have attended in gyms and other studios. I do hope you continue to teach as you have such a wonderful gift to share. I think the website is a great idea as well as focusing on helping people work through illness. I truly believe that people who are facing illness need yoga therapy to help themselves heal and this demographic is growing quickly. How wonderful it would be to work with this population and team up with health care professionals to get your program out there. I think you are correct in recognizing change and this is the start of something new and exciting!


My name is Kindra Wirch, RMT and I believe in Melissa’s work. I have known Melissa since 2000. I started with her as my third yoga instructor and immediately found she had much more to offer in education and the true word of yoga. Melissa’s medical knowledge has always impressed me and her ability to bring it into practice is a very practical use. I attended her Smart Movement Workshop in the spring of 2013 and found it especially useful for the simplicity of it.  Her program has the use of simple movements to work with the nervous system in a healing manner. Its intention provokes the body back to a mindfulness of healing that is another modality I can use with my patients and for my personal use. I commend Melissa on her practice and support her intentions with this program.

Kindra Wirch


I love smart movements! I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years and I highly recommend everyone try out smart moves!

Ryan Brown,

www. Idolfit.com 

“We started using Smart Movement I in our classroom this September (2012) and have seen great success.  The kids are ready for the day and are ready to learn after doing Smart Movement first thing in the morning.  We also use bits and pieces of the program throughout the day to refocus the kids’ attention.

Our grade 3 students told that one of the things that they need in order to learn is “physical activity followed by some calm time”.  They have been very receptive to the program so far.

The Smart Movement I program is very easy to use.  I have found it easy to adapt to the amount of time we have and the kids’ energy level.  It goes along really well with some of the other brain-focused strategies that we use in our class.”

Chloe Mongerson,

Baersto Elementary School

Vernon District 22


“I was first introduced to Melissa in the fall of 2013 through a meditation class she was teaching. I had experienced significant chronic trauma and was suffering from severe depression and generalized anxiety. I had tried every type of therapy alternative or otherwise. I remember very specifically after meeting Melissa for that first time knowing that she could help me. Besides being extremely intelligent with a vast breadth of knowledge Melissa’s ability to tap into what each person needs to support their journey is priceless. I can honestly say that without her guidance I would not be anxiety free today and in a stable joyful state. The amount of time Melissa spends supporting people is extensive and something to respect and admire. I highly recommend any of Melissa’s services and I can honestly say she is one of my mentors and someone I respect very much. I am very grateful she came into my life and I have had access to everything she has to offer in her vast skill base. ”

Kind Regards, Janel


“So here is a little something on just fear aspect of my personal journey into meditation.

I had to first accept the fear of whatever it was I was feeling. In my case, the fear of dying. Then I had to understand why I had the fear in the first place. You cant understand the fear until you have the courage to accept the fear.

My turning point was driving home one day after work, and crying on my way home. I was crying because my daughter was just born a few months prior. I was afraid, terrified. I did not want to leave this world so soon. I was not so much afraid for myself, but for my daughter and her future. And her not having a father. My love for my wife and my daughter was the turning point. I had already accepted that I had a full life. But that was just selfish of me, and foolish to accept.

The anger, the anguish, the pity, the poor me factor, the what about me, the no one cares about me, all that stuff, wipe it away. Move forward with life. Live for the now, and the present. Do not live in the past or the future. Only the moment is here.

I had to learn to not accept what people told me. Such as, to fix this Mr McDonald we will have to remove your spleen.  You have to think impossible, and make it possible. Most medical science is not proven, it is theory. That is why we have miracles, and why there are unknown reasons for people living. Unknown reasons for people leaving Hospice care. Unknown reasons for defying odds. I tell those people, that say it is unknown. It is the inner selves of each person that is defying the physical odds of what most see as impossible.

You cannot accept what others say. You can only accept what you believe. Your body is designed to heal itself. Whether it be chronic, whether it be a fresh injury. Your body does not want to hurt, no more then you do.

Meditation taught me acceptance of who I am. It has given me the courage to face my fears, taught me to love, and has taught me that you can attain anything you want, you just need to focus.

You must have the will to live. The desire to move forward. Don’t give up, even when others give up on you. Never give up on yourself. love yourself. Accept your shortcomings, accept your failures of yesterday and today.

No matter where you are, stay in present.”




1.  What did you think about your overall experience in regards the Touch For Health process including ESR (emotional stress release).  Please describe (one or overall, all of your sessions). 

I think the most profound thing I experienced during my Touch or Health sessions was the personal realization/confirmation of the direct connection between my emotional and physical being. Even though I already believed in this concept before this process, it remained just a concept for me until I actually “experienced it”. Whatever doubt was within me has since left.  

My body doesn’t lie or forget. It remembers everything that has ever happened to me – physically and emotionally. This information is kept in my subconscious and stored in various areas of the body. Through this process my body was able to communicate this information to me. Once my trapped emotions were revealed, the information was transferred from my subconscious to my conscious where it could be acknowledged and released. Releasing the emotional pain held in an area of the body also released the physical pain. What a beautiful experience. 

2.  What did you experience within the 24-48 hour period after your TFH and ESR experience? 

I often had a mix of vivid dreams and sleeplessness for one or two nights after a session. I think this may have been the body’s way of continuing the process of revealing, recognizing and healing the wounds of past traumatic events that had been trapped in my body, subconsciously.  

3.  What shifts occurred subsequent to this 24-48 ‘RECALIBRATION PERIOD?  What were the positive results? Any challenges or difficulties? 

I often felt fatigued and a bit sore in areas of the body we worked on but only for about a day or so and then it left. I always felt a feeling of accomplishment afterwards though. There is a very real “feel-good” emotion that accompanies a healing process. This was very evident for days afterwards.  

4.  Would you encourage others to do TFH and ESR Sessions and for what reasons and purposes? 

I started this process to deal with a single issue – recent surgery – but soon discovered that this process was not going to be limited to just my injury. It was a holistic approach. Every session worked on different areas of my body and revealed new information. Some surprising additional shifts for me included better elimination, released muscle tension, better overall sleep. 

5.  What were your overall results and are they congruent with your intentions upon taking the TFH and ESR sessions? 

I found that other health issues that were revealed during the process kind of surprised me – not because I didn’t know the issues existed beforehand – I did know but I had become so accustomed to living with these issues that I no longer acknowledged them. Having them discovered during the process simply confirmed that the process works, which was very comforting to me of course. Having those other issues healed was an added benefit because they were not the initial reason for my initial treatment.