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ALL PUBLISHED AND COPYRIGHTED PROGRAMS IN YOGA THERAPY (include Asanas/Physical Postures, Pranayama/ Breathing Exercises,  the Mind Body Connection, Deep Relaxation and Guided Meditation and Meditation Techniques) are available in hardcopy and E book as well as for Certification & Teacher Trainings. 



YOGA FOR PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM,  Including Notes for Teachers & Therapists  is a SAFE and complete program for pregnant women throughout the postpartum period.   A full physical practice to keep the body strong, supple, balanced, healthy and full of energy.  With all of the ‘DO’S AND DON’TS’ included and step- by- step instruction, it’s safe to practice at your own pace, in the comfort of your  home .  If you are a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist or Movement Therapist of any genre, the B.E. Y. Certification & Training program allows you to share these safe and effective yogic techniques and variations which are best suited to pregnant women and include a quick recovery approach during the postpartum period.  Includes basic principles, contraindications, variations and the mind body connections.  

SMART MOVEMENT I,  Including Notes for Teachers & Therapists © 2012 (Third Edition)

A primary level circuit, step-by-step Yoga program geared toward the ‘square-one’ practitioner . This program is widely used in the school system here in Vernon, BC, SD22 since 2008, (Western Canada and within US schools). Home School programs (both children and their parents) have enjoyed this self starting program and all of its benefits for fitness, health and well being right at home. A great place to start for the beginner of ANY AGE, as this program is balanced and includes 20 full color pages with apt descriptions.  The pages can be removed, laminated and used as permanent ‘stations’ in the classroom or in a workout room or for easy access at home, at work or at the gym, etc. Endorsed by BC Ministry of Education and BC Interior Health! This Third Edition is improved, including refined and specific notes for teachers, teaching assistants and therapists of all genres.

Introduction to Yoga in the Chair with Notes for Teachers and Therapists © 2015   cover Intro to Yoga in the Chair copy

A hand’s on manual for practitioners, teachers and therapists. Including all of the ‘do’s and don’ts’, the mind body connection, the benefits and the visual instruction of colour pictures.   For all ages, Yoga in the Chair is a wonderful way to enjoy a full practice, with low impact but with a high yield and overall result of quality energy, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  An overview of the basic principles is included with insightful notes for teachers and therapists. 


THE ART OF BREATHING, with Notes for Teachers and Therapists (COPYRIGHT PENDING)

The essence of yoga is breathing.  Most people only breathe a third to one tenth of their lung capacity. Yoga teaches full diaphragmatic breathing and each asana (posture) is designed to improve either inhalation or exhalation. Yoga boosts the body’s energy and the metabolism by up to 500%.  This manual goes into great detail about the ‘art of breathing’ and how breathing can transform the body, mind and spirit as one whole experience. It details the journey of physical practice based on breathing, healing or yoga therapy practices involving specific breathing exercises and the journey into meditation through breathing. The manual has detailed instructions and notes for therapists and teachers who want to share these practices properly and safely.  The Art of Breathing is an in depth and thorough energetic perspective on practicing yoga ‘breath by breath’.  There is nothing more here and now than each new breath. This manual provides a pathway for the here and now based on the ancient healing science and spiritual art that is yoga.


Since all movement is generated from the spine, this routine is excellent for balancing the spine. And, since most people are either right or left handed, the spine is naturally imbalanced in most people.  This step-by-step practice, with variations, provides a safe and perfect approach to healing the spine, conditioning the discs, balancing the musculature that supports the spine, creating strength and flexibility while increasing mobility and range of motion and energy levels.  This is the perfect program for anyone with back, neck or spinal issues.



This powerfully balancing 1-2 hour program complete with step-by-step instruction, basic principles, breathing exercises is ideal for women of all ages.  This practice effectively balances the female hormone system by stimulating, flushing and boosting the function of all of the glands (endocrine system) of the body to provide homeostasis (balance) and well being at the biochemical level, resulting in energetic balance at the emotional and psychological levels.


(THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS are available only as individually customized programs based on specific health and wellness needs.  These programs are ‘templates’ that are modified to fit the individual.  Trainings in these programs include Blue Eagle Yoga Teacher Training Certification, for individuals or group presentations available upon request):


This yoga routine stimulates metabolism, detoxification, boosts circulation and strengthens all of the internal organs while increasing overall mobility, flexibility and strength.  This program has proven over the years to be one of the most effective yet gentle ways to get back to balance and stay in balance!


This program is based on the principle of the Chinese Meridians or lines of energy, flows of Qi or Chi throughout the body. With a direct correlation to the musculature, this interpretation uses yogic postures to run the energy properly and completely throughout all of the organs, energy systems (meridians) by way of the musculature.  Although considered ‘esoteric’ in nature, this ancient form of energy medicine is thousands of years old and is well known throughout the world as a highly effective form of medicine known as Acupuncture or Acupressure. An excellent program for therapists in the fields of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Touch For Health, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.


This program is designed specifically for people who are challenged with Cerebral Palsy (including those who are in the wheelchair).  Several internet based sites on Cerebral Palsy endorse this program as it is used worldwide.  People from all over the world have written to me validating the efficacy of this program stating it has increased their mobility, flexibility and overall well being and even more than that, has increased their confidence, personal sense of empowerment and self esteem.

YOGA FOR CANCER (including post surgical, recovery program)©2008

This primary level program which incorporates breathing exercises and gentle, therapeutic yoga is profoundly effective. The tonic nature of the breathing exercises with their overall detoxifying affect physically, emotionally and mentally aid in returning the practitioner to BALANCE at all levels. The program is complete with guided deep relaxation techniques and guided meditations.


This primary and fundamental Yoga program for children with Autism empowers parents to practice yoga and breathing exercises with their child.  Breathing exercises that are fun and easy that cleanse the channels of the nervous system, strengthen organs, mind and body and coordinate the polarity of the brain to boost brain function are just a part of this unique yet practical approach.


This therapeutic yoga program aids in cooling and calming the nervous system while restoring and rejuvenating the channels of the nerves.  While relieving pain and stress, this specific yoga therapy routine leaves the practitioner calm with ‘relaxed’ levels of energy, increased circulation and stimulates healing of the nervous system.  Although not a ‘quick fix,’ this program has proven effective in 3 short months, eliminating all symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


This is a comprehensive three stage practice including breathing exercises, yoga in the chair and deep relaxation techniques.  This program retrains the lungs to be the organs they’re meant to be.  The Yoga in the Chair phase of the program provides postures (Asana) that increase either inhalation or exhalation boosting metabolism, cleansing and detoxifying the organs of the body, while increasing range of motion, mobility, flexibility, strength and stability.  Variations of the program include ‘In the wheelchair.’


Similar to the program for COPD, these specific, therapeutic breathing exercises and the postures (Asana) that increase both inhalation and exhalation are ultra cleansing to the Bronchial tubes and alveoli. While strengthening to the upper airways this program relieves the practitioner of the emotional stress related to these conditions.  This program includes a 15 minute daily routine for ‘managing’ asthma thereby reducing and potentially, eliminating the need for the use of ‘puffers’ and other asthma medications. Although this is not a quick fix, this simple approach does have long term positive results in just 3 short months of practice, often entirely eliminating all symptoms of allergies, asthma and breathing disorders.

 YOGA FOR SPINAL HEALTH, Focus:  Scoliosis ©2015

Based on the Yoga for Spinal Health published in 2007, this new edition is a variation with a specific focus on Scoliosis.  Renowned as the oldest healing science, Yoga specifically works to straighten, strengthen and realign the spine through the proper practice of asanas (postures) that promotes these effects.  This hands on manual offers all of the ‘do’s and the don’ts’ and includes notes for teachers and therapists.

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