To Educators:

Introducing an intensive workshop: SMART MOVEMENT I, Including Notes for Teachers & Therapists.  45 years of extensive experience in Raja Yoga has led me to become a specialist in Yoga Therapy and the specific use of yoga for healing.  I have written a program that is especially designed as an integrative tool for teachers and therapists of all disciplines.  For the Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist, this program is an excellent proactive tool which can be used with clients to benefit body, mind and spirit.  I have been presenting this intensive workshop since 2008 in the BC School System and have recently written and copyrighted the Third Edition of Smart Movement I which now includes Notes for Teachers and Therapists. This intensive 3 – 4 hour teacher training includes a Blue Eagle Yoga Certification of Training.  The workshop covers all of the principles, ‘do’s and don’ts’, counter indications, variations (including in the chair or wheelchair) and applications.  The workshop includes the manual in hardcopy and an e-book (pdf) version of the manual as well.

The Smart Movement I program has been embraced by school teachers from Kindergarten through University level. In the classroom, it provides a practical and ‘smart’ way to enhance education of the whole being. Proactive participation in one’s own health, healing and well being is empowering, brings hope, positive results and integrates the mind and body responsibly and powerfully.  With a traditional focus yet current approach, Smart Movement I teaches the primary circuit so completely, in a way that imparts the ancient healing science and art of Yoga fully as an integrative tool that can be an adjunct to any healing modality.

I have personally introduced yoga to the schools since 2008.  Teachers throughout the province of British Columbia are now integrating Yoga in the classroom based on the Smart Movement I model and finding such results as improved grades, improved attendance (better overall health), improved communication, improved test scores, improved social interaction and improved health (physically, mentally and emotionally) and energy at every level. In 2008, a Province wide mandate was introduced to the education system creating 30 minutes of DPA (Daily Physical Activity) in the classroom.  Smart Movement I fulfills this mandate.

I have personally trained other Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists, Psychologists, Recovery Psychologists, Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Personal Fitness Trainers, Acupuncturists and Personal Home Care Aids who have all found the Smart Movement I program thoroughly integrative.  At the Splatsin Native Centre in Enderby, BC, the program was introduced at all levels from ages 4 through 99 with much success.  Over the years, Smart Movement I has been the choice for many seniors recovering from injuries, accidents, surgeries or illness as they were able to practice at home on their own safely and easily with this step-by-step program (written in a ‘teach yourself’ format).  BC Interior Health has also given their endorsement and placed my classes at the People Place and Schubert Centre here in Vernon, BC on their Health Care Professionals’ referral list.

In short, Smart Movement I with Notes for Teachers & Therapists is an entire ‘tool set’ which provides the ability to practice and share a primary level yoga program safely and effectively.  For more information about workshop dates and locations or to set up a workshop presentation at your school or office